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Say Hello to your future


Professional, Experienced English Tutoring


The most widely-accepted measurement of a candidate's English ability. The test is full of traps and tricks that you need to find and know how to handle.

Face-to-face or online, all classes are one-on-one ... it is the ONLY way to take full advantage of the specially designed course I will provide you. You will always be provided with full notes and actual test exercises.



Completely delivered and scored by computer. This means I provide a different approach to the processes required.

If you have excellent typing skills (both speed and accuracy) then PTE may just be the test for you.

I will show you how to prepare for the test, how to set yourself up in the exam room and the structures and methods you need for the score you want.



English is not just a language. It is also a culture and you need both to enjoy your time in Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and United Kingdom.

You will be taught using the best teaching materials, supplied by Cambridge Education, with culture, colloquial language, speaking and listening skills added to the course. You will receive genuine text books.


▷ IELTS - You will learn how to get your
     best  score

▷ PTE - You will get the secrets 

▷ ESL - Learn both English and culture

▷ English tutoring - years 10 - 12

My Promise to You

▷ Accurate editing of your essays, theses
     and dissertations

▷ Clear explanations of everything we
     teach and for every
     recommendation I make

▷ NO hidden costs!

▷ Online classes using advanced

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